• Level subgrade and screed concrete in a fraction of time of traditional methods.
  • Pour larger projects with smaller crews, giving you more resources to complete other projects.
  • The skid steer drags the concrete for you, allowing you to pour at a lower slump, thus reducing curing time, meaning you’ll no longer have to finish concrete through the night.
  • Capitalize on short weather windows.


  • Complete flatwork projects with 50% less laborers.
  • Your hard-working employees will be pleased to stand back out of the mud and gravel and watch our product do the most strenuous parts of their job for them.
  • With vibrating floats integrated into our screeding process, concrete finishers will be well rested and able to dedicate their full attention and energy to the final touches.
  • Your employees will experience a serious morale boost by not having to drag subgrade or concrete and your problems with employee retention will be a thing of the past.


  • No more dragging concrete or gravel – put your equipment to work doing the dragging for you.
  • Screed, float and vibrate the concrete all in one pass.
  • Quickly and easily adjustable to be offset to either side of a skid steer or operate directly in front of the machine (in either forward or reverse).
  • Quickly and easily adjusts to pours anywhere from 8 feet to 22 feet wide.


  • Uniform subgrade means consistent slab thickness and stronger concrete.
  • Pour your concrete at a lower slump – the reduced water content means less shrinkage and less cracking.
  • With less moisture in the concrete, you will reduce the potential for surface scaling, resulting in a high quality, long lasting finish.
  • Durable, reliable equipment, made right here in the USA.


  • Dramatically increase your profitability on every flatwork project.
  • You’ll complete your concrete projects in a fraction of the time, allowing you to move on to the next job and ultimately, cash more checks in your pouring season.
  • Dragon Screed has the ability to pay for itself in pouring just 200 yards of concrete.
  • Precision subgrades mean more accurate calculations of concrete volume and less wasted material.

Reduce Labor

Save Time

Increase Versatility

Improve Quality

Boost Profits