Luke Terstriep, together with his wife Patty, has owned and operated Terstriep Concrete and Construction for nearly 40 years. After spending decades in the concrete industry, Luke recognized a need for a faster and more efficient way to complete flatwork concrete projects. When Luke and his crew of seven employees found themselves on a job needing to pour a 180,000 square foot parking lot in a just a few weeks, Luke knew that he needed to find a way to increase efficiency. Drawing on his welding experience as a tank mechanic in the US Army, Luke went to work designing a concrete screed machine unlike anything that had ever existed. After pouring approximately 300 truck loads of concrete in less than 15 pouring days with just seven employees, Luke knew that his design could revolutionize the way that concrete is poured around the world. After a decade of research, trial and error, and experimenting with different designs, Luke invented, patented and took the Dragon Screed to market.

Dragon Screed’s revolutionary screed design allows you to level subgrade and screed concrete – all from the comfort of your machine. It is quickly customizable to meet the needs of any project. Born out of 40 years of experience screeding concrete and dragging gravel, our designs level gravel base and screed concrete faster and with less labor than any other method on the market. Dragon Screed can be offset to either side of a skid steer or operate directly in front of the machine – in either forward or in reverse. It is quickly and easily adjustable to pour anywhere from 6’ to 22’ feet wide. It drags, floats and vibrates the concrete with every pass.

Dragon Screed can be offset to either side of a skid steer or operate directly in front of the machine – in either forward or in reverse. It is quickly and easily adjustable to pour anywhere from 6’ to 22’ feet wide. It drags, floats and vibrates the concrete with every pass.

Dragon Screed incorporates a hydraulic pivot that allows you to pour on a pitch or from an uneven surface. It features wide floats drag smoothly behind the screed bar – each with a vibrator on board. A wireless remote control gives you the option for running vibration at five different speeds – smoothing the surface and consolidating material with each pass. And quick-attach handles give you ultimate maneuverability on small jobs, making Dragon Screed the only screed you’ll ever need.

From large parking lots to residential driveways to municipal roadways, Dragon Screed will drastically reduce your labor. Put your machine to work doing the dragging and you’ll and experience a 50% reduction in labor – not just the number of laborers required, but also in physical toil on the body. Your hard-working employees will be pleased to stand back out of the mud and gravel and watch Dragon Screed do the most strenuous parts of their job for them. Crews simply get the gravel or concrete reasonably close to grade and Dragon Screed does the rest. With vibrating floats integrated into our screeding process, your concrete finishers will be well rested and able to dedicate their full attention and energy to those all-important finishing touches. Your employees will experience a serious morale boost by not having to drag subgrade or concrete and your problems with employee retention will be a thing of the past.

Dragon Screed levels subgrade and screeds concrete in a fraction of time of traditional methods. It allows you to pour larger projects with smaller crews, giving you more resources to complete other projects.

Dragon Screed can level subgrade in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods. Your crew will appreciate letting the machine do the work for them.  When it’s time to pour, just switch the grade bar to the screed bar and you’re ready to go.

With Dragon Screed, a contractor poured 33 truckloads, each filled with 9 1⁄4 yards of concrete and delivered 15 minutes apart. He started the job at 6:00 AM with only 8 workers, two of which were high school students, and they were completely finished pouring, brooming, and sealing by 4:30 PM.

With Dragon Screed, you will dramatically increase your profitability on any flatwork project. You’ll finish projects faster and at a higher quality, allowing you to complete more jobs and secure your reputation as a leader in the concrete industry.

Water content has a direct effect on concrete’s strength – wet concrete means weak concrete. A high water content also leads to shrinkage cracks and surface scaling. With Dragon Screed, the skid steer does all the dragging, so you’re free to pour concrete with a much lower water content than you could otherwise – meaning you’ll deliver higher quality, longer lasting finished product. Additionally, the reduced curing time means you’ll no longer have to finish concrete through the night.

Concrete is like glass. It bends, flexes, freezes, and thaws. Imperfections in the concrete, like a scratch in a window pane or a rock chip in a windshield, cause weakness and give the concrete a place to break easily. Since Dragon Screed cuts a laser-accurate subgrade, the concrete is poured in a uniform thickness leading to a stronger slab of concrete. A consistent base means you’ll also have more accurate concrete orders, leading to less wasted material and less time waiting for a catch-up load.

Dragon Screed is highly durable and made proudly built in the USA.

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